How To Change The Default Launcher On The Redmi Note 5

They might sound silly, but these two fixes are potentially the two most effective ones that resolve the error for most players. If your child is very young and simply wants to play on your phone for a limited time, you can pin an app. In this way, they can’t go to any app on the phone other than the pinned one. There are also paid apps that you can’t download without using a credit card or another payment method. On top of that, some apps that you download for free may contain in-app purchases that enable you to use all the app’s features. If you don’t want your existing apps to update automatically, you can prevent this in the Google Play Store app.


  • A big part of this customisation is Android Launchers on the Play Store.
  • The way we arrange, organize, and interact with our apps on Android is called the launcher.
  • You should now be able to Customize the app icons and layout after tapping Home Screen.

However, Apex Launcher still captures a large number of users. What Apex Launcher has to offer and how to use it. Transform your phone with wallpapers and more. Along with Apex Launcher and transform for the mobile device you are using. Improvements for many new functions and more efficient use. Mod Apk is nothing quite a changed version of its original mobile app.

How Do I Disable Android Launcher?

It may be possible to apply only part of this guide to remove Origin but not the already installed games, but I’m afraid I don’t know the specifics. The Wikipedia article hints at this but has no source for it. If a newer version was found and installed, restart your PC, and after it boots back, you can launch the game to see if the error still occurs. Conflicting 3rd party program – Some players have said that the game could be affected by some 3rd party programs, which cause the Apex error.

The Play Store currently has a decent amount of themes available, with the majority of them being free. Action Launcher’s biggest selling point is its implementation of genuinely useful features that reduce time spent searching for apps and thus improving workflow. Many of the features reduce the clutter that can accumulate on the home screen and make it harder to find what we want. Due to the Nexus 7 being a part of AOSP, Apex now adds a native 7-inch tablet layout to the mix. This overrides the stock launcher, so if you’re running it on a 7-inch Acer A100, for example, it will make the device look a bit more like the Nexus 7 .

Recommended Apps

Frequently, these processes might attempt to imitate system processes, but you can understand that they are not legit by taking a look at the genesis of these tasks. Quasi system applications and Launcher trojan’s processes are always specified as a user’s processes, not as a system’s. Bulk Crap Uninstaller may seem overwhelming at first glance, it does get rid of crappy programs… well, if you are to place EGL in that category. The process is similar to the one with IObit.

Based on user feedback and Play Store downloads, we narrowed our list down to these five launchers. We installed each launcher on various flagship and mid-range devices, thus enabling us to test the launchers on multiple versions of Android and see their impact on performance. To see the full capabilities of each app, we used the paid version when available. However, for our frugal viewers, we made sure to mention what features are missing from the free version.

How To Add Handy Widgets To The Game Bar In Windows 11

Press and hold the launcher apk file until you see an option to copy. Select Copy, then browse to /system/app and choose Paste. Long-press the launcher apk file again, but this time select Permissions.

Sometimes, apps are very difficult to find in the app drawer. You can swipe to access all of your apps and type the name in the search bar. Once it appears, long-press it in the search results and tap ‘Locate App.’ This will take you directly to it. Unfortunately, it’s tough to hide apps on your phone beyond using a third-party launcher without outright disabling or uninstalling them. One of the simplest ways of hiding applications is by putting them into folders. From your app drawer, tap and hold the application you’d like to hide.

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